USB drivers for CableIQ

The USB drivers are installed automatically when you install CableIQ Reporter Software. If you have Windows 7® you must install the latest version otherwise the USB drivers will not be installed correctly.

To manually install the drivers, first download the drivers:

And extract the contents of the zip file to c:\Temp USB.

Connect your CableIQ via the USB to your computer and power the CableIQ on. If the following window does not appear in 20 seconds:

Go into your Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager. Scroll down to Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Right click on Universal Serial Bus Controllers and Scan for hardware changes. When the window above appears, click on Install from a list or specification location (Advanced). The following window will then open.

Select Include this location in the search and click on Browse. The following window will then open.

Select Temp USB and click on OK. This will then install the USB drivers. Be patient, it may take a few minutes depending on the performance of your computer. If it is successful, you will see:

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Creation Date:4/2/2008
Last Modified:6/20/2012